Life is Beauty Full

Ex Libris is Famous!

Well, Kind of.

I have amazing news… THE Tufts University official blog cited my blog! As in, actually cited my blog and my name in recognition of my ‘Pride’ entry! Here is what they said:

“Grad student Hollis Bowe blogged about the pride flags flown all over campus
and shared a nifty pic of the cannon painted appropriately for Coming Out Day.”

The blurb even provided a link to my ‘Pride’ entry! I found out last night when looking at my site stats; wordpress showed that several of my hits came from that website, and when I clicked to see what the site was… I saw my shout out! I have no idea how they found my blog or about me, but I am nonetheless delighted by the news. I feel such a sense of pride not only to be included in a Tufts blog, but to support such an important issue! I hope that its clearer than ever how critical it is for us all to speak out for the things we believe in…. you never know who is listening!

Here is the link:


On an unrelated note, you may have noticed I added a new “Love List” tab up at the top. I have officially started putting together my Love List items. Please feel free to check back often to see when I have added things to the list, but I will mention them on my main entries with my little Love List image beside them (so you know they are legit, haha). Feel free to recommend things you love too! I am going to have guest entries and Katie Johnson has offered to complete the first one! That will be up later this week, probably around Friday, as I put together the questions I want to ask.

Thats all for now… my high spirits have put me in a wonderful mood and I am spending the day in the library working ahead on several assignments, finishing two essays ahead of time and some reading, as well as meeting with one of my professors. So for now…

life is beauty full


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